Tetra Scroll - Scrolls

The Tetra Scroll - Scroll is thick, aged, and stained, and has the charm and appeal of an ancient treasure map. Its rich parchment texture invites touch and interaction.The sides are wavy to give it a beveled edge. The hardwood rods are hand stained as are the decorative finials. 

The Tetra Scroll measures 28" inches wide by 77" inches long, including its stained wooden rods and finials. It comes with rope straps and decorative tassel. The authentic parchment-like paper is stained on the front and the back and is extremely durable. Each scroll is hand-crafted and includes a weathered carrying case and arrives ready to hang.  Also available in 15" x 52".


Please note: 15" x 52" prints have smaller print and may require youthful eyesight or reading glasses.  

22" x 77" prints are approximately 35% larger, which makes the text larger and easier to read.

Tetra Scroll - Scroll (22" x 77")

SKU: TSS-22x77