The Tetra Scroll Fine Artist Prints are printed on the same Parchment paper as the Tetra Scroll - Scrolls. Tetra Scroll - Fine Artist Prints have the charm and appeal of an ancient treasure map. Its rich texture invites touch and interaction. ​It's four edges are square instead of gently curving, as is the case on the Tetra Scroll - Scroll version.


The Tetra Scroll - Fine Artist Prints roll easily from either end and makes an appealing tool for Biblical and historical learning. ​Whether framed, used on a desk, or hung on the wall with a poster hanger, it is an excellent addition for any home, school, or congregation setting. 


The Tetra Scroll - Fine Artist Prints also come in 22" x 77."  Each includes a weathered carrying case. 


Please note: 15" x 52" prints have smaller print and may require youthful eyesight or reading glasses.   22" x 77" prints are approximately 35% larger, which makes the text larger and easier to read.

Tetra Scroll - Fine Artist Print (15" x 52")

SKU: TSFAP-15x54